We're Fundraising for Windowsill!

I am looking forward to making touring with Windowsill a reality, but to do that I really need your help!

Windowsill was inspired by wanderlust, in fact I wrote the music while travelling in Sweden, Switzerland, Italy and Germany last year. I got to go make music in some really beautiful places, particularly in southern Switzerland in the middle of the Alps. I remember thinking back to being a kid living in a perhaps not so beautiful place, but a place that was a blank slate. It could be anywhere. If I looked out my window and used my imagination, I could be almost anywhere. I saw this in the eyes of my precious little cat Smeagol as well, who often spends hours in his cat bed in the window, gazing out at the back yard, probably having cat day dreams about hunting on the Savannah. That was what inspired the name of what was then just a tune, but became the title track of the album.

Windowsill’s theme begs for touring, taking the the music to the places it was inspired by, yes. But also taking the music to places that never thought they would hear music like this. We cannot do it alone.

The plan is to tour in the US and Europe with the project and its original quartet, which means we need help funding the following!:

  • travel expenses like plane tickets, train tickets, car and van rentals (plus insurance and fuel), travel insurance for instruments and possible instrument rentals, hotel accommodations, and, if necessary, visas

  • promotional efforts to spread the word in these places we’re going, including hiring local publicists and printing physical posters for the shows, photographers and videographers to capture professional content to be used to promote the upcoming shows

If you, as an individual, are interested in helping us out, we would really love and appreciate the support! If you have an organization that may be able to help us out, we would really love and appreciate the support!

I’ve started an ongoing campaign with Fractured Atlas from donors, both individual and organization. You can make a secure payment with a credit card on their website: https://fundraising.fracturedatlas.org/windowsill

There are options for one time or ongoing support, should you choose that. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at contact@laurenleejazz.com.

Thank you so much for reading and feel free to drop me a line if you would love to hear us in your city

Lauren LeeComment