we recorded a new album!

I'm so excited to continue working on this new project. We had a fantastic 2 days in the studio at Big Orange Sheep in Sunset Park and the roughs sound really, really great. Onward and upward!

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Happy New Year!

Happy to be bringing some new music into this new year. Check out this clip of my new project “Curious Beings” live at Cornelia Street Cafe! 

Looking forward to working with these guys more this year, along other things.  

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Greetings from Switzerland

Halfway through my 5 week stint abroad and getting ready for two very exciting performances this weekend debuting some new a capella solo vocal music I've been writing. Being in the Alps is the perfect environment for testing the limits of some extended techniques in the voice. I am excited to share these new pieces in Tirano, IT this Friday at 21:00 at Bar Caffe Pedonosso and this Saturday at 17:00 at Casa Hesler in Poschiavo, CH. 

Then it's off to Berlin for a few more gigs (with pit stops in Milan and Brussels for fun :) before back to NYC. Always good to stay busy. 

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European Tour 2017!

Guys, I'm SUPER excited to be embarking on an amazing tour this fall with Charley Sabatino as the Velocity Duo! We'll be on the road for a month, most notably with our artist-in-residence at the UNCOOL festival in Poschiavo, Switzerland, but also in Stockholm and then in Berlin! More info to come, I can't wait.

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Reviews of "The Consciousness Test"

Read what fans and critics have been saying about "The Consciousness Test" below and if you've listened to it, let me know what you think by leaving a comment below or emailing me at info@laurenleeprojectjazz.com.

"Wayne Shorter described jazz as a challenge, and we believe that Lauren has addressed this challenge most successfully, especially with her vocalese, which is firmly rooted in the trio's instrumental texture"- Jose, www.lahabataciondeljazz.com (Spain)

" 'Voyager' is a particularly exceptional track. Brilliant work, creativity, composition, and concept"- Zem Audu, jazz saxophonist (USA)

"The line between genius and insanity is never knowingly underserved. Like a boxing glove in a box. Four Stars!" - Fiona Ord-Shrimpton, www.allaboutjazz.com

"Music without a net"- JazzWeekly

Also! Check out this fun interview I did with Dan Dunford for his podcast, "Divergent Paths"! 


and this amazing interview and on-air performance I did with Charley Sabatino as the Velocity Duo for WKCR: 

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