Studying with Lauren Lee: 

Bandstand Bootcamp (1 month program for beginners) 


Improvisation Intensive (3 or 6 month program for intermediate, advanced, and working vocalists) 

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Choose from the following programs: 

1. Bandstand Bootcamp  ($250USD/week, 1 month program is $1000USD total) 

The Bandstand Bootcamp course is perfect for self-motivated musicians who want to start singing at jam sessions and gigs ASAP. It gives students the basic tools they need to succeed on the bandstand.  


What to Expect:  

Students can choose one 3 hour session or two 90min sessions per week online or in person with Lauren to complete the course. By the end of the month, each student will walk away with a personalized warmup and practice routine with a practice journal to keep record as well as a book of 10 or more jazz standards in varying styles that they know confidently to sing at jam sessions and on gigs 


Areas of Study include:  

-How to Learn a Tune (through the study of guide tone lines, listening, and harmonic landmarking),  

-How to Lead a Band (counting off tunes, determining feels and tempos, knowing your keys), 

-Basic Arranging (creating head arrangements on the fly, common chord progressions used for common intros and outros, phrasing and improvising on melodies) 

-Improvisation (harmonic awareness through guide tone lines, listening, and harmonic landmarking, pattern and etude exploration, chord scale theory applications, and free improvisation time) 

-Book Building (learning and putting a list together of 10+ tunes the student knows confidently to sing at jam sessions and gigs) 

-Warmup Routine (students will develop a warmup routine with Lauren for optimal vocal health, ear training, harmonic awareness, and creativity) 



2. Improvisation Intensive ($150/week, 3 month program is $1800USD total, 6 months is $3600USD total) 

The improvisation intensive is perfect for experienced, working vocalists who want to take their creative practice to the next level. This package is very customizable based on the goals of the student. 


What to Expect: 

Students will meet once a week for 90 mins with Lauren for a lesson/session/hang that is informative, explorative, and fun. By the end of the course, students should have a better knowledge of harmony, feel more confident in their improvisational skills, and have a larger vocabulary for expressing musical ideas.  


Areas of Study include:  

-Listening and Transcribing (familiarizing and analyzing improvisational language from your favorite musicians, transcribing some of their iconic language and incorporating it into your own through transcription, taking it through the keys, and application) 

-Practice and Ear Training Regimen (creating an in-depth practice regimen that will help the student achieve their goals faster) 

-Harmonic Analysis (Using common chord progressions from music the student is working on as a catalyst for developing the ear and fostering vocal independence from the chord) 

-History of Scat Singing/Vocal Improvisation (understanding where this method of self expression comes from and exploring the work of other artists who do it is crucial!) 

-Arranging/Composition/Reharmonization (optional, but as the ear and creativity develop, some wish to express themselves through arranging, composition, and reharmonization! Happy to explore these topics)