Lauren Lee


Armed with a vivid imagination, a relatable and easy pop-like vocal sound, and improvisational chops that rival any instrumentalist, Lauren is a unique force to be reckoned with. Her command over her influences and technique is powerful enough to attract brand new audiences to jazz because she does not sound like anyone you have ever heard before. Her commitment to the tradition is embedded in learning from the masters, not copying them. 

Her quartet is a place for experimentation of textures, colors, and use of the voice in a more 'instrumental' fashion with cinematic, artistic music that is listenable, intricate, and emotional. Lauren has created her own voice in the modern jazz vocal sphere by  infusing post-bop jazz harmony and sensibilities with contemporary classical, Latin, and folk/pop flavors to create something inspired and unique.

"{Lee's music is a} fascinating journey, adult music that makes one sit up and listen.  As much as one would love it, we all have troubles and desires – Lauren Lee approaches life as the opportunity to learn every day, creating music that stands out for its honesty and sonic clarity" - Richard Kamins, Steptempest

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Lee is--- in a very balanced way, presenting a unique approach, but one grounded enough to support the contrasting moods and musics, which really is what makes {Lee's work} so engrossing.”


Left to her own devices, Lee creates a swirling dream-space of interlocking, layered melodies supported by adventurous, forward-thinking harmony. She approaches her voice like a saxophonist or trumpeter, {improvising} complex, bebop inspired lines”


Lauren Lee's music is a distinctive blend of elements which she fits together with surprising ease. Her voice stretches effortlessly over angular, zigzagging melodies, assembled in the context of breezy original jazz songs. Her sound is fresh and distinctive.”

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